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Thinking of installing a resin bound driveway in the GTA? Resin bound driveways are an excellent choice for residential properties.

Permeable Driveway
How do we Install your Permeable Driveway

Resin bound material is made by mixing aggregate stones (at Dream Pave we use granite chips), with a resin. The agitation in a special mixer coats the stones in the resin coating. The finished product is an attractive, smooth surface that can last for up to 30 years.

The resin of choice for Dream Pave is called PurePave; The end result is a durable surfacing material that is installed for walkways, patios, pools, and parking lots.

Aside from longevity and versatility, let’s explore the other benefits you can expect from a resin bound driveway:

A low maintenance driveway

For an easy life, resin bound driveways are a good low maintenance choice. Occasional sweeping and washing will be enough to keep your driveway looking good and remove any accumulation of oil stains and moss. Your garden hose will probably be good enough to do the job – but an occasional jet wash will remove the really stubborn stains. Just remember to keep the water temperature low. If moss build-up is causing you problems, then there are plenty of detergents available that can help to eradicate it.

Bespoke, attractive driveways

The resin is mixed with gravel, so you can tailor the look to match your home. Choose colours and patterns that will work for your space to create some real kerb appeal. Dream Pave can help you to design the driveway of your dreams. Chat to our friendly, expert team to discuss designs and to create your bespoke driveway.

Using a Durable Resin like PurePave

The durability of a resin bound aggregate driveway is down to its flexibility. Although the surface is permeable, it can withstand several tonnes of weight. It’s not prone to cracking like some other materials are. While you can lay resin-bound pavement on top of pretty much any surface, be sure your base has structural integrity, and that it also permeable. Also never wash a resin bound driveway with boiling water – – it can dissolve the resin.

Smooth and slip resistant

Contrary to myths, smooth resin bound driveways offer no fear of trip hazards and are considered slip-resistant since the surface texture resembles that of textured stone. Dream Pave can enhance that effect by adding natural types of grit to the top layer before it fully cures. A big benefit of a permeable surface for Canadian homeowners is it reduces the risk of ice forming – by eliminating standing water. After snow falls its melts, and on a impermeable surface, it then turn to ice. The permeable surface doesn’t allow standing water, so the melting snow slowly drains the below the surface. Let’s call it an engineering hack.

No More Weeds

Really?! Yes, weeds can not grow on a resin bound driveway installed by Dream Pave. Our installation process, is unique, and ensures you will not have to break your back pulling weeds as is common with interlock after a while.

Dream Pave resin bound driveways

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