DreamPave permeable pavement offers many unique benefits. However, winter performance is where it shines. DreamPave is ideal for Canada’s climate. For instance, snow melts 50% faster on the DreamPave surface. Once it melts, it percolates thru the permeable surface. Plus, the DreamPave surface resists ice build-up. So, you use less salt to keep your driveway and walkways safe.

6 Reasons Why DreamPave is Ideal for Canada’s Climate:

  1. Snow melts 50% faster. DreamPave speeds up the melting process. Therefore, reducing winter ice hazards. Not to mention, less shovelling! 
  2. Salt and chlorine resistant. Plus, you can expect to use 50% less salt.
  3. Withstands friction. It’s been scientifically tested for friction and passed with flying colours! So, use a shovel, snowblower and even a snow plough on the DreamPave surface. It can withstand the friction. Moreover, it can withstand 5000 pounds per square inch (PSI).
  4. Slip-resistant. Due to the Geo-thermal effect, and because a DreamPave surface ‘breathes’, moisture evaporates quicker than on other surfaces.
  5. Anti-slip and AODA Compliant. The DreamPave surface is slip-resistant and can be upgraded to anti-slip. Plus, DreamPave is AODA compliant. This is ideal for wheelchair access.
  6. Resists strength loss from freeze-thaw cycles. DreamPave is the first pavement to not lose strength in frost-thaw simulations performed by the University of Ottawa. It can withstand freeze-thaw cycles without cracking or heaving. With a 249% elongation rate, DreamPave has greater elasticity than asphalt and concrete. This enables it to handle the expansion and contraction of our fluctuating weather in Canada!

In a nutshell, DreamPave is ideal for Canada’s climate. It’s patented method and binders have been scientifically tested for optimal performance in Canada. Not to mention, DreamPave is scientifically rated with a 40-Year Lifespan. DreamPave truly is the smartest way to pave.

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