How do we Install your Permeable Driveway?

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A permeable driveway is commonly referred to as a green driveway solution. More eco-friendly than asphalt, concrete or interlock, a permeable driveway minimizes runoff that pollutes our waterways.

1. Testing the Soil after Excavation

First, we call Ontario One Call, which every reputable landscape contractor will do at no cost on your behalf, to locate underground utilities located in the area to be excavated. Next, we remove the existing surface layer; At Dream Pave, we ensure what we recycle the existing surface. Nothing we remove from your current driveway (or walkway) ends up in landfill! We then perform a percolation test if required to understand the soil infiltration rate, or how quickly the soil absorbs water. Based on the soil infiltration rate, that will determine the minimum depth, usually 14 inches. If the infiltration rate is low, than you may need a deeper base or drainage pipe are also an option.

2. Prepare the permeable Base Layer

Next, a 6-inch layer of 3/4 inch washed crushed limestone with angular edges that knit together is placed over the excavation. We then apply the first pass of a plate compactor to go across and lengthwise over it twice. We then add another 6-inch layer of same 3/4 crushed limestone, compacting it twice more.

3. Installing the Border

In order to provide a strong edge for the permeable surface layer, we install an aluminum restraining edge at no charge. The other, more popular choice, is the installation of a paver edging or border. This not only provides a stronger edge that you can drive on without damaging the edge, but also provide a stellar finish to your stunning new permeable driveway surface.

4. Installing the PurePave permeable surface Layer

Next we install the final layer. That is the PurePave permeable pavement layer itself.

5. Curing Time

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