Only PurePave permeable benefits were tested by Ottawa U.

Only PurePave permeable offers these benefits;


Low Impact Development product; The lowest carbon footprint of any surfacing material to produce. Prevents stormwater pollution flowing into our rivers and streams!


6X stronger than asphalt, 1.6X stronger than cement. It's the first pavement to not lose strength thru frost/thaw simulations performed by University of Ottawa.

40 Year Lifespan!

Independent, scientific testing by the University of Ottawa, rates Pure Pave with an expected Lifespan of 40+ years, within our Canadian climate.

Incredibly Porous!

An enormous amount of water per second can drain through your Pure Pave surface, unlike any other. Watch the video below.

Resists Ice Build-up

Correct! PurePave resists ice-build up, and snow melts 50% faster; Means little to no salt. IMAGINE - No icy driveways!

Anti-slip and AODA

Pure Pave surface is slip resistant, and can be upgraded to anti-slip. Pure Pave is also AODA compliant, ideal for wheelchair access.

Made in Canada!

The National Research Council of Canada, Conservation Ontario and our Federal Government are now installing Pure Pave! Proudly!?

5 Year Warranty

Your PurePave surface receives our unparalleled 5 Year Dream Pave Warranty, giving you Peace of Mind against cracks and weeds! Yes, really.

Stunning Curb Appeal!

PurePave is made of 100% Canadian granite, that sparkles in the sunshine like nothing else. Neighbours will think you sprinkled Swarovski crystals. Seeing is believing!

At Dream Pave. we only install PurePave because
other permeable options just don't stack up.

Toronto permeable patio for entertaining with glow stone reduces stormwater run-off
Oakville purepave permeable driveway prevents storm water run off

PurePave Permeable projects by Dream Pave...

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