What is Fusion Landscaping?

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The Ontario Landscape industry is crucial to help address lot level stormwater management, water resource conservation, and thus mitigating the negative consequences of climate change. The Regional Municipality of York and Peel Region have collaborated with Landscape Ontario to develop the Fusion Landscape Professional (FLP) curriculum as municipalities concentrate on tackling these crucial concerns. Landscape Pros broaden their understanding of Fusion landscape design, installation, and maintenance through the FLP program. Fusion landscapes will become the norm thanks to the FLP initiative, which also aims to improve professional interaction and collaboration.

What is a Fusion Landscape Professional?

Definition: Fusion landscaping creates water-efficient, visually beautiful landscapes by fusing the science of hydrology with the art and science of horticulture. These landscapes use well-known design principles, such as form, function, and aesthetics, to improve the environment.

Fusion landscaping is gaining popularity, and benefits from rainfall. Through the construction of low impact design (LID) techniques including rain gardens, bioswales, infiltration trenches, and permeable pavement such as PurePave, Fusion Landscaping attempts to utilize this priceless resource on-site. The goal of these LID technologies is to prevent stormwater from being directed away from the property.

Fusion landscaping addresses current environmental difficulties like bio-diversity, sustainability, and climate change issues, including stormwater management, by using an innovative and all-encompassing approach.

Dream Pave Permeable is a Certified Landscape Professional

Becoming a Fusion Landscape Professional helps achieve our objectives, to keep up with the most recent trends and best practices in landscaping. As an F.L.P., we are expanding our services and stay up to date with our customers’ demands and needs.

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