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A permeable driveway is produced using a PurePave resin bound aggregate surface, producing the strongest permeable surface solution

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What is a permeable driveway?

A permeable driveway allows water to pass through (permeate) at once. The permeable pavement provides a solid surface for driveways so you can park and drive on, while allowing for instant drainage. Permeable pavement can be used not only on your driveway, but walkway, patio and offers a green alternative to traditional asphalt and concrete.
More homeowners are seeing beautiful permeable driveways installed by Dream Pave. Our permeable pavement offers a modern, durable exposed aggregate finish. At Dream Pave, our permeable driveways are produced only using PurePave resin bound aggregate process, providing a winterized, permeable pavement over top a permeable base, composed of crushed granular base that not only allows the water to drain to the soil, but also stores water before it is able to be drained into the ground away from the driveway and from sewers.

However, our process is not to be confused with permeable pavers which are conventional interlock stone, with only the joint areas are porous. Your permeable driveway will prevent stormwater run-off from entering our precious waterways, and instead seeping into the ground as nature intended. Most municipalities such as the Greater Toronto Area is facing a growing area of impermeable hard materials so pooling, flooding and erosion is creating flooding and polluting our rivers and lakes.

What are the benefits of a permeable driveway!

Primarily, permeable pavements are eco-friendly, helping re-establish a more natural water balance while reducing runoff and slowly releasing rain water into the ground instead of allowing it to flow into storm drains which leads to flooding.
Whereas conventional pavement such as concrete, asphalt and interlock surfacing are incapable of allowing water to flow back into the ground. The wate's path across these conventional surfaces also creates a toxic run-off. It's time for change.
Unique benefits of PurePave permeable pavement include modern exposed aggregate appearance, low-maintenance surface, resistance to ice build up, snow melts up to 50% faster, no cracking, no weeds and surface rated at 40 plus years!

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We are Permeable. Dream Pave permeable pros only install PurePave. Combined with passionate workmanship, we are the leading permeable pavers in the GTA.

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