Resin Bound versus Resin Bonded Aggregate?

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More homeowners are choosing attractive pavements made using resin to bond gravel particles. There are two methods of achieving this look – – Resin Bonded and Resin Bound Aggregate; Each have different qualities, methods of application, and aesthetics while sharing a name.


Aggregate and resin are blend in particular proportions utilizing specific aggregate to resin ratios to create resin bound surfacing. The mixture is typically hand-trowelled to a smooth finish (without any loose stones). Based on aggregate size, depths are typically 25mm to 50mm. With a life expectancy of up to 40 years depending on its end use, it is appropriate for both commercial and residential use on parking lots and access roads, bicycle paths, driveways, walks, courtyards, patios, and pool surrounds. seamless, durable, low-maintenance, strong traction-resistance, aesthetically pleasing, and porous.

Permeable Base Construction

Resin Bound aggregate is porous, allowing water to permeate (or percolate) through the surface and below into a suitable permeable base construction.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

Features and Benefits of Resin Bound Surfacing

  • Seamless contemporary finish – hand or power trowelled to a smooth finish,
  • Low maintenance – power wash as recommended by manufacturer,
  • Durable – lifespan up to 40 years depending on usage,
  • Hard wearing – smooth surface, no loose aggregates,
  • Slip resistant – in wet and dry conditions,
  • Frost resistant – not affected by freeze / thaw process.

The PurePave permeable pavement is known as a Resin Bound pavement systems; Dream Pave permeable, is proudly the most experienced PurePave installers and Authorized PurePave Installer in the Greater Toronto Area.


Resin bonded surfacing is a scatter system which provides texture and the appearance of loose gravel without the issues of migrating stone.
A layer of resin is applied to a suitable surface, then covered with loose aggregate. The remaining loose stones are taken out after curing to reveal a naturally textured stone surface. The size of the aggregate determines thickness. Example: Aggregate with a nominal depth of 4mm will be 1-3mm. Suitable for commercial and domestic use on pathways, courtyards, patios, with a life span ranging between 5-15 years depending on aggregates selected and surface use. Hard wearing, low maintenance, good slip resistance, decorative and a natural looking alternative to loose aggregate without the maintenance issues of migrating stone. Suitable for heritage projects demanding the aesthetics of a gravel surface.

Features and Benefits of Resin Bonded Surfacing

  • Maintenance – requires comprehensive maintenance to remove any loose stones,
  • Durable – lifespan up to 5-15 years depending on aggregate and application,
  • Slip resistant – in wet and dry conditions,
  • Pedestrian use – with appropriate aggregate type and PurePave resin,
  • Suitable for mild commercial and domestic use – not recommended for playgrounds or pool surrounds

A wide range of natural and recycled aggregates can be resin bond. It is perfect for heritage sites, landscaping plans, parks, walkways to offer great visual appeal.

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