The Benefits of Resin Bound Aggregate surfaces.

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There are many pavement systems available on the market today. Common hardscape surfaces include pavers (aka interlock), concrete and stamped concrete. However, Resin Bound Aggregate

surfacing is unique. How? Well, no other surfacing system is considered a hardscape and softscape at the same time! A softscape is a landscaping element that allows rain water to permeate the surface, versus running off into our natural water ways.

Resin bound aggregate surfaces (pavement) also additional strength, less maintenance, and structural and aesthetic benefits.

The key benefits of a resin bound aggregate system are;

  •       Permeable to prevent storm water run-off,
  •       Slip resistant,
  •       Weed resistant,
  •       more resistant to ice formation,
  •       Longer lifespan,
  •       Easy to clean and maintain,
  •       Totally seamless,
  •       Unique exposed aggregate curb appeal,
  •       Smooth and hardwearing surface.


You can adapt your Resin Bound Aggregate system into any shape imaginable on your surface, providing a beautiful alternative to conventional pavements. The wide range of colours and blends means you can mix and enjoy unique naturally designed colour options.

By using smaller sizes of aggregates, you can combines colours, add strength and improve the visual appearance.


Resin Bound aggregate surface are permeable; Again, they allow water to drain through to the sub-base, then gets absorbed into the ground; Just like mother nature intended! This means a resin bound aggregate surface is SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) compliant, as long as the sub-base is also permeable and equally compliant. 


The Resin Bound aggregate system is incredibly strong and durable and will remain so for many years. This is thanks to its low maintenance, easy cleaning and high resistance to organic materials and weeds.


The resin bound utilized by Dream Pave is called PurePave; The PurePave resin was developed in Canada and independently testing by University of Ottawa. Resin is what effectively mixed with the aggregate and glues the new surface aggregate finish in place. The Resin Bound surface is relatively low maintenance and, is resistant to weeds. PurePave is a premium, winterized resin that is resistant to salt, gas or oil spills.


Unlike resin bonded aggregates  or loose gravel, a resin bound surface is smooth, flat and seamless. This is because of the way that resin and aggregates are mixed and then power-trowelled. As a surface, it is ideally suited for both wheelchair, pedestrian and vehicular traffic applications as well.


A resin bound system is easy to clean. Most dirt, marks or other cleaning jobs can be taken care of with a simple hose wash. For more information on resin bound cleaning and maintenance, stay tuned for our resin bound maintenance guide.

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