Learn about DreamPave, the revolutionary, Earth Conscious Surfacing™ with great curb appeal. Imagine a wonderful, new surfacing technology that doesn’t grow weeds or shift out of place after a few short years. Moreover, how about no cracks?! Well, with DreamPave’s proprietary permeable base and drainage control, water never builds up. Therefore, you avoid the damage which results from freezing and thawing. Plus, it comes in an array of attractive natural granites to match any landscape design. In short, DreamPave is the smartest way to pave. Hands down! So, watch the following short video to learn more about why DreamPave is creating such a buzz.

DreamPave is the Smartest Way to Pave

Benefits of Paving with DreamPave

  • Sustainable. The lowest carbon footprint of any surfacing material to produce. Moreover, DreamPave prevents stormwater pollution flowing into our rivers and streams!
  • Stronger. 6X stronger than asphalt, 1.6X stronger than cement. It’s the first pavement to not lose strength in frost/thaw simulations performed by University of Ottawa.
  • 40 Year Rating. Independent, scientific testing by the University of Ottawa, rates DreamPave with an expected Lifespan of 40+ years. Most importantly, this rating is within our Canadian climate.
  • Incredibly Porous! An enormous amount of water per second can drain through the DreamPave surface.
  • Snow Melts Faster. Snow melts 50% faster. Therefore, 50% less salt is required to melt ice.
  • Anti-slip and AODA. DreamPave surface is slip resistant and can be upgraded to anti-slip. Also, DreamPave is AODA compliant, ideal for wheelchair access.
  • And more…

Click here to read a Toronto Star article about a DreamPave, net-zero run-off property in Toronto.

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