How much does a Resin Bound Aggregate Driveway cost?

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Resin-bound permeable pavement by Dream Pave uses a unique, winterized resin to bind granite aggregate (stone), known as PurePave. Since the bond forms at the point of contact between the granite aggregate, voids occur within the pavement; These voids enable water to permeate throught the pavement surface, through a permeable base, then into the ground as nature intended. Once cured the resin offers zero leeching, which means the water passing thru will not carry any negative affect on the soil. As well as a permeable surface, the resin also offers flexibility, toughness and a stunning exposed aggregate finish.

Depending on size, a resin-bound pavement surface to an existing driveway can be installed in a single day. A resin bound system, like its counterparts, could need extensive base construction for your new driveway construction. This is crucial to prevent sinking or cracking, to create a stable substrate plus allow for proper filtration, and draining to the sub-base (ground). A resin-bound permeable pavement properly installed by Dream Pave, will be flexible and crack-resistant for many years.

The initial glossy sheen of a resin-bound PurePave surface quickly develops a matte finish, for a ages to a more natural-looking state. A top coating might be use if a glossy, wet, or sealed appearance is desire.

Where did resin bound pavements start?

Resin-bound driveways are a relatively new innovation developed in the UK and Germany in the mid-1990s. The system was quickly recognized for its superior permeable abilities.

Permeable driveways are appealing to both homeowners looking for a distinguished appearance and those who are ecologically conscious due to its demonstrated longevity and performance.

What is the difference between resin bound and resin bonded paving?

It is important to distinguish between resin-bonded surfaces and resin-bound paving. A thin coat of resin is placed to a surface, and then gravel is strewn on top to create resin-bonded paving. It is non-porous and will gradually loosen on driveways.

A system linked with resin is substantially more durable. For driveways, it calls for a minimum surface depth of 25 mm, 6 mm aggregate, and complete mixing of each stone with clear resin before hand-troweling the finish. A driveway that is resin-bound will continue to be sturdy, permeable, and presentable. Resin-bound driveways installed by Dream Pave, come with a five-year guarantee using the PurePave system.

Why choose a resin bound driveway?

As weather patterns generate more flash storms, flooding is becoming a more frequent; This makes us analyze how water runs off your property. Many impervious or impermeable driveways simply force water to flow over the surface and straight into our stormwater system; This causes debris, oil and pesticides that may be present.

An environmentally friendly driveway that eliminates the storm water run-off, is a permeable resin-bound driveway. The gaps within a resin-bound surface allow water to permeate thru the surface and into the ground, just as nature intended, as opposed to merely flowing into stormwater systems.

The maintenance required for a resin-bound aggregate driveway is low maintenance. Your driveway surface can be cleaned using mild detergent and a brush, but for bigger sections, it’s recommended to wash using a low-pressure washer or better yet, a garden hose.

Resin bound driveways offer the epitome of an exposed aggregate look, offering a unique design option.


  • Flexible, durable and can sustain heavyweights up to 30,000 lbs.,
  • highly porous, no puddles and filters surface water back into the soil before it enters the waterways
  • Better traction
  • Clean natural look with a range of natural granite colours,
  • Easy to keep clean,


  • Should be installed by Approved Installers such as Dream Pave Permeable,
  • Often more costly than traditional driveway surfacing options,
  • A resin-bound surface can become plugged under deposits of soil and mulch, but easy to avoid by using a tarp when having soil or mulch delivered,
  • Resin-bound driveways tend to be weed resistant as wind-borne spores rarely germinate in the voids.


Resin bound permeable driveways are more expensive than other types of driveways, but in terms of quality and longevity, you get what you pay for. Dream Pave offers a 5-year guarantee, however the lifespan of PurePave resin is approxiamately 40 years as per PurePave Technologies.

Pricing for a full PurePave permeable pavement system on a new driveway start at around $344 per square meter, which includes building a permeable base that serves as both a stabilizing foundation and a water filtration and storage system. Typically, this would consist of a geo-textile membrane, 300 mm of compacted washed clearstone. The main attraction is the PurePave surface layer which ranges from 40-50mm depth, and comes in a variety of naturally designed granite colours.

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