Permeable Cost Comparison. Thinking Interlock? Concrete? THINK Again.

Head-to-Head Cost Comparison of
PurePave vs. Conventional Surfaces

Cost to install a 700 Sq.Ft. driveway (in $1,000s)

700 Sq. Ft. Driveway (~2 Cars wide by ~2 Cars Long)


Interlock (Installed with proper base, Mid Grade Stone)


Concrete (Stamped, Exposed Aggregates or Standard)


PurePave Permeable.The Smartest Way to Pave.

Maintenance Cost over 35 Years (in $1,000’s)


Interlock Maintenance Cost (Re-Levelling every 4 Years, plus PULLING WEEDS)


Concrete Maintenance (Fixing Cracks = UGLY Repairs, Typically re-do every 10 Years)


PurePave Maintenance Cost (Light Power-wash, Optional PureShine Program)

PurePave vs. Permeable Pavers;
Head-to-Head Comparison.

Cost to Install 700 Sq.ft. Driveway

Driveway –2 Cars wide by 2 Cars Deep (in $1,000’s)


Permeable Pavers (Same as Interlock stones, however only the joints are 'Permeable')


PurePave Permeable. Earth Conscious Surfacing and The Smartest Way to Pave.

Maintenance Cost over 35 Years (in $1,000’s)


Permeable Pavers are interlock with 'Permeable' joints known to clog, stones shift and may be lifted and relaid, sweeping required to re-fill joints)


PurePave Permeable Surface (Every sq. cm. is permeable - A simple, light Power-wash is recommended)

Are you thinking PurePave now?

Hands down, Your best value, and Your Smartest Way to Pave!

PurePave Permeable pavement cross section showing Water Penetration
Does Not Crack

Incredibly Flexible so it bends like steel with heavy loads. Unlike Concrete, Stones or Asphalt).

Entirely Permealbe

No clogging here. An enormous amount of water flows thru PurePave.

Resistant to Ice Build-up

Unlike Concrete, Interlock and Asphalt, PurePave is not slippery.

Built for Canada

Concrete and Asphalt are sure to crack. Interlock grows weeds and Shifts.

Costs stated are ballpark figures. Concrete & Interlock Pricing vary by Contractor. Both installation & maintenance costs were calculated based on using mid-grade concrete and interlock materials, and applying best industry practices for installs and maintenance. The 35 Years Lifespan is the life expectancy of PurePave, based on a on scientific testing by Ottawa University.

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