There are different options of permeable driveway to explore. The three most popular options for a permeable driveway are gravel filled grid system, permeable pavers and resin bound aggregate. We will try to help you understand the most popular options, and summarize the pros and cons of each.

Gravel filled Grids

Gravel filled grids are one of the less expensive surfacing options available. You can find different colours gravel to fill the recycled plastic grid system, to create a permeable surface.

However, it does come with some drawbacks. The gravel is typically loose; Unless it is contained by some sort of resin bound structure, it is easily displaced and replacing the gravel to maintain a somewhat smooth finish is common occurence. It’s also challenging to achieve a perfectly flat surface, and the final appearance is that of a plastic surface grid.

Permeable pavers (or Interlock)

Provided you use the proper paving stones with a required permeable base, pavers create a flat, hard-wearing and permeable surface which will last for several years. Expect it to cost more than a gravel filled grid driveway, but offers the interlock look versus plastic grid pattern.

The well documented drawback of permeable pavers is they are high maintenance compared to other types of surfacing. Only the joints are permeable, so the joints tend to clog quickly with natural debris such as leaves, dirt, etc. Another maintenance issue is having to lift and replace blocks to maintain a smooth surface, and ofcourse having to pull-up the delighful weeds that grow in the joints.

Resin bound driveways

Resin bound pavement for driveways, walkways, patios and pools is ideal because it’s very durable, and considered low maintenance. 

The entire surface is fully permeable, so it is considered a tremendous drainage element. It cures all standing surface water issues, and with recommended care based on manufacturer guidelines, has a wonderful exposed aggregate appearance which lasts for many years.

While resin bound driveways are slightly higher cost initially, they do indeed offer the best value for the cost, and the highest return on investment over the long-term compared to other surfacing solutions.  Plus you get stunning curb appeal with the look of naturally designed exposed aggregate. The installation is quicker than others as well.

As a sustainable option, resin bound pavement offers the most porous solution, by allowing water to pass through the surface and down into the ground.

permeable driveway using resin bound aggregate
Modern black permeable driveway

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