Dream Pave is the leading installation contractors in Southern Ontario for resin-bound driveways. Combined with our outstanding crews plus our excellent reputation for workmanship and customer service, we are resin driveway experts.

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Thinking of installing a resin bound driveway in the GTA? Resin bound driveways are an excellent choice for residential properties.

Permeable Driveway
How do we Install your Permeable Driveway

What is Resin Bound?

At Dream Pave, we manufacture our product on-site, using natural aggregate; creating quality, long-lasting residential, commercial and institutional pavements.

Our special permeable and flexible resin is PurePave; It is winterized to endure our Canadian winters; resistant to cracking, and is rated at 40 years. Our process is not to be confused with resin-bonded surfaces, where stones are spread across a layer of resin. Instead resin bound pavement we install are fully mixed before laying, so stones do not become loose. While our permeable resin mixture can be applied to existing concrete and asphalt, it is best to be installed over a permeable base for best performance.

The appearance of resin bound pavement is that of exposed aggregate, offering stunning curb appeal. Besides its amazing looks, it is durable, and 100% permeable when installed on a permeable base installed by Dream Pave. Permeable means that our resin bound driveways offer a natural way for water to flow through the pavement, and our system helps filter the rain water prior to being absorbed back into the ground.

With a wide range of granite available, we offer a few colours, textures and design options to choose from to tailor the look to match your home. Our design gallery has numerous projects for your inspiration.

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Best Resin Bound Driveway Installer

Our excellent record of quality workmanship and service is unmatched. At Dream Pave all our services are performed by our own highly trained team. See how much our clients like to work with us, to provide you total peace of mind to hire Dream Pave Permeable Pros.

Simple Steps to your Permeable Resin Bound Driveway

Once you are ready to start the process, contact the experts at Dream Pave by booking a Free 15 Minute Discovery Call to discuss project details and answer your questions. If you wish to proceed, we will then;

Upon your acceptance to proceed, we will embark on a On-Site Survey to measure the area, offer some design ideas. Once we schedule your project

1. provide you a written estimate.

2. Upon your acceptance to proceed, we will meet on-site to measure the area, and offer some design ideas

3. Provide your Installation Agreement outlining all details and start date, for you to e-sign, then send a deposit via cheque or e-transfer to book your spot in our production schedule,

4. Verify Project Start Date,

3. Installation Team assigned to your project

4. Project starts with site preparation, excavation, permeable base preparation and install border if chosen all performed by your Dream Pave team,

5. Install the PurePave Resin bound permeable surface layer,

6. Allow proper curing then enjoy your stunning new curb appeal, and enjoy all the benefits of your new resin bound permeable driveway, walkway, patio etc. with your 5 Year Guarantee!

Connect with Dream Pave Permeable by booking a complimentary Discovery Call with our Resin Bound Driveway Team.

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